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Custom-Air Airconditioning System Gold Coast

Custom Air is one of the best privately owned Airconditioning and Electrical Services company in Gold Coast. With more than a DECADE of accomplishment Custom Airconditioning has specialized in the Design, Installation, Service and Maintenance. We take services for both the domestic and industrial needs.

People on the Gold coast provide Custom Air for their best Air conditioner in best brand. Custom Air gives the best service to their customer. In Gold coast home Airconditioning are are fitted as soon as possible.

Our experienced domestic Airconditioning Gold Coast experts at Custom-Air can provide you a full range of quality airconditioning services for both household and commercial demands. We are dedicated and well known for our quality products and customer services. Our mission is providing the utmost in customer satisfaction, feasible Price and building long-term relations.

We Render our Services on,


domestic airconditioning gold coast







Home or Domestic Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Domestic Airconditioning is the process of conditioning the home's interior air by supplying and maintaining desirable internal atmospheric condition for human comfort, regardless of external circumstance.
Air conditioners use chemicals which one changed from gas to transport high temperature from the air inside of a house to the outside air. They are ranked by number of Btu [British Thermal Units] of heat they can take out per hour. Normally, Room air conditioners range from 5,500 Btu per hour to 14,000 Btu per hour.

Home airconditioning gold coast has gone to great heights in testing, exploring and producing perfect airconditioning systems to energy smart systems in gold coast homes.

Major Classifications of Home Airconditioning

  • Divided Air Conditioner System
  • Window Airconditioning System
  • Packaged Air Conditioners
  • Central Airconditioning 




Air Conditioning Installations Gold Coas


We are licensed Airconditioning gold coast installers with 13 years of experience installing the leading airconditioning brands such as Panasonic, Daikin, LG and Mitsubishi around Gold coast. Our airconditioning system team aims to assure that our customers get the best and most reliable service.


Our Airconditioning installation gold coast teams are expert in their job and thoroughly experience in all prospects of airconditioning installation. The task is executed quickly and there are no remains of an installation’ mess’ around for you to clean up.

A standard installation by Custom-Air includes the following,


  • 3 metre distance between indoor and outdoor unit
  • Up to 20 metre distance from the outdoor unit to the switchboard
  • Cover duct to protect pipe work and wire connecting indoor and outdoor unit
  • Conduit for drains
  • All air conditioners installed by gold coast Airconditioning & Installation are pressure tested using dry nitrogen so as not to void the manufacturer’s warranty.